Case Studies

Foods Alive Gets a New Roof

Last Spring, we did a roof project for Foods Alive in Angola, IN. They had serious leaking issues for years already, and everytime it rained, they would get out the 5 gallon buckets and tubs. They were looking for a long term fix, so we gave them a complete Conklin Metal Roof System.

We started by washing the roof and removing junk from previous patches. We caulked the major holes and cracks with Brushable Kwik Kaulk and then primed the surface. After that, we put Butyl tape and Spunflex fabric along the seams and cracks, applied basecoat with a roller, and made sure every screw got a daub of Kwik Kaulk.

Before we could apply the topcoat, we got hit with 2” of rain but no buckets were necessary because the roof was already waterproof.

For the final step, we applied a bright white Puma XL topcoat over the entire surface area. Foods Alive now has a white seamless system that is leak free, highly reflective, and designed to last. In fact, Michiana Quality Roofing will stand behind it for 18 years.

Cool Results at the Chiropractor

In late April, we started a project for Myers Chiropractic Clinic in Battle Creek, MI. They have a 6,000 sq/ft metal roof. The paint was peeling, the ribs were a bit rusty, and there were a few minor leaks. The owner also wanted to lower his heating costs in the summer and expressed interest in a white, reflective Conklin roof.

We got things started with some power washing and cleaned all the dirt and rust that we could. Next we primed the entire roof with Conklin’s rust inhibiting primer. This blocks the rust from bleeding through and provides better adhesion for the next coating.

Then we sealed the seams with Butyl tape and Spunflex fabric, applied Benchmark basecoat, and backrolled with a roller. We sealed all of the fasteners with a dab of caulk and flashed the vents and penetrations with fabric and basecoat.

For the final step, we applied a bright white topcoat of Puma XL over the entire surface of the roof and gave the owner the 18 year warranty at completion.

Afterwards, the owner told me that he was thrilled with the new, energy efficient roof and that his AC unit was already running less than usual.

Dry Nights in the Dog House

In early May 2016 we got a call from general contractor John Crittenden. He was looking for some alternative waterproofing solutions for a building he was remodeling for Stay and Obey LLC, a dog day care and training facility near Stevensville, MI.

They were experiencing leaks and had gotten quotes to remove and install a new metal roof. It wasn't cheap. They had two roofs that sloped downward with a gutter in the center.

We met John on a rainy day and walked the roof and discussed the different options available with our roofing systems. After getting measurements we left for a few hours to eat lunch and figure up our quotes. We proposed restoring his existing metal roof and installing a custom tapered system for the gutter. A few weeks later we got a call from John. He was ready to get started.

The first step was to apply Rust—off cleaner to the roof's surface followed by a careful cleaning with a high pressure washer. Conklin's Encase primer came next. This stops rust and gives the roof a tacky surface, helping the next coatings adhere better.

We put Buytl tape along all the endlap seams and covered it with basecoat. We then treated all the sidelap seams by first applying a layer of Benchmark basecoat, then embedding a 2% inch strip of fabric, then adding a basecoat cover by back—rolling with a roller.

After that was done, we put a dab of self-leveling Kwik Kaulk on all the fastener heads. We also put the tapered system in the gutter and installed a new drain.

Now we were ready for the final step: applying Puma XL topcoat, turning the roof into a seamless, bright white roof with an 18 year non—prorated, leakproof, labor and material warranty. Beforehand, the old roof was almost too hot to touch. Now with the topcoat reflecting the sun's rays, the roof was cool to the touch. John was very happy. We saved him hundreds of dollars, and his client had a superior system that would pay for itself in energy savings alone.

Traditional Quality; Modern Roof

Earlier this year, we installed a fabric-reinforced system on a lowslope roof of a new poolhouse. We started by removing the materials that our coatings wouldn't adhere to. Then we caulked the seams, applied a layer of basecoat, and rolled 38 inch fabric into it. After that, we applied another layer of basecoat and backrolled it with a roller. We finished the roof by applying bright white Puma XL topcoat to the entire roof surface. Last step? Giving the customer an 18 year warranty.

On the Roof of a Joyful Church

In October, we got a call from Delores Love at Christian Life Center Church in Mishawaka, IN. They had some leaks and wanted us to see what we could do. The budget was limited so we decided to target just the most probable causes of leaks. We power washed the fastener heads and around the penetrations. We applied a dab of self—leveling Kwik Kaulk to the fastener heads and to all the penetrations and holes in the roof. For a minimal cost, we were able to stop the leaks. Going forward, they church plans to do a little on their roof every year till the MR system is complete.

Office Staff Leaves Umbrellas at Home

In November, we got a notification from Dirk Milliman at the Three Rivers Commercial News. He wanted a quote on his flat roof in Three Rivers, MI. We gave him a few options, and he opted for a tear-off and complete system replacement. We started by tearing off the PVC membrane, then we removed the tar and gravel that was underneath it. When we got down to the concrete decking, we fastened two layers of ISO board foam sheets using screws and 3 inch plates. Then we installed the Flexion single ply membrane system across the entire roof surface, heat welding the seams for a drum-tight waterproof result. Dirk was happy. His new roof is white, reflective, and leak-free, and we gave him a 15 year warranty.