What is Your Workflow?

After the initial consultation, we'll arrange a time to visit your building. For commercial properties, we provide free inspections and free estimates. If the numbers look good, we'll begin with thorough tear-off (if necessary) and cleaning (a must). Then we'll prime, caulk, and tape the most vulnerable parts of your roof. We'll apply the final coat (ie. paint) or install new material after that.

We exclusively use Conklin roofing materials, an innovator in acrylic coatings. Why? It's the choice material of professional roofers: over 2 billion square feet of Conklin roofing systems have been installed since 1977.

Our finishing touch is giving a customer a warranty for the materials and labor, and of course, a big thank you!

What are Your Values?

Collaboration: We start by taking the time to understand your specific roofing needs. We work closely with the building owner or property manager and develop a comprehensive scope of work that is efficient, effective, and provides the greatest value for your roofing investment. This includes an estimate for every budget (good-better-best).

Communication: From the first contact to your post-job conference, we provide our customers thorough and timely information. This includes weather delays to suggestions where your employees should park, allowing you to continue running your business inside while we take care of business on the roof.

Ongoing Value: A commercial property is a long-term investment, and proper roof maintenance is a critical part of its long-term value. We believe a relationship with a customer is the same, and our customers give us great reviews because we stand behind our work. We think of your roof as if it were our own.

What is a Metal Restoration (MR) System?

Replacing a standing seam metal roof is very expensive with some estimates exceeding $10 a square foot. For a large commercial building, that's a small fortune. Fortunately, metal roofs are great candidates for restoration, and our MR Roof System is a low-cost solution that can add nearly two decades of additional use.

Through cleaning, rust-removal, and coating, our MR system stops leaks, prevents rust, and provides a long-lasting finish that looks great. A new white coating also reflects the sun's rays, making your whole building more energy-efficient.

This seamless roof system has an 18-year non-prorated warranty, an efficient roof that stops leaks and saves you money.

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What is a Membrane Coating System?

Compared to white roofs, commercial roofs with black membranes (asphalt, rubber, etc.) absorb more of the sun's heat. This in turn causes more expansion and contraction, putting more stress on the roof's seams. Eventually, they fail and leak. A simple, cost-effective solution is covering the black surface with a new, white coating. In addition to waterproofing the roof, the new white surface reflects heat from the sun, lowering your energy bills in the process.

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What is a Fabric-Reinforced System?

A fabric-reinforced system adds an additional layer of protection to the new coating systems described above. It's a long-lasting solution for leaks, adds strength without adding weight while providing the same energy-saving benefits. We apply it as a liquid, and as it dries, it turns into a tough, water-proof shell that perfectly covers your roof.

We achive this affect by embedding Spunflex fabric into the wet base coat. Then we apply a second coat and let it dry. After that, we apply a third and final coat over the entire roof surface. The result is an exceptionally strong commercial roof that stands up against tough weather.

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What is a Single-Ply Membrane System?

Our single-ply membrane system is an excellent choice for new construction and re-roofing applications. It consists of Energy Star rated flexible sheets of compounded synthetic materials that are highly resistant to fire and a broad range of chemicals. When installed, our single-ply system considerably extends the life of your roof and offers excellent reflectivity and energy-efficiency. Shown to reflect 84% of the sun's heat, you can save as much as 30% in annual air conditioning costs.

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What is a Foam Roofing System?

Seams are consistently cited as a top source of roof leaks in commercial buildings. Eliminate the seams → eliminate the leaks!

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a "closed cell roofing and insulation material" that water proofs and insulates. In addition to making your roof completely leak-free, it has the highest R-value of any insulation material creating the most energy savings of all the systems described so far. It's also the most renewable system. While BUR and single-ply roofs must be removed and replaced after their usable lives, SPF roofs can be repaired and recoated, extending its life-time usability indefinitely. It's more expensive to install, but it lasts the longest and provides the most value over term.

We can apply SPF over an existing roof without the need for tear-off (no need to expose the interior of your building) reducing landfill waste in the process. In addition, SPF adds very little weight (about 8oz. per square foot at 1 inch thick) but is durable enough for light foot traffic.

After we apply SPF to your roof, the finishing touch is a coat of PUMA XL, an environmentally-friendly, water-based acrylic with low VOC emissions.

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